Lockdown snacks!

So, as requested and following my recent insta poll, my latest post is about food, and more specifically, lovely little goodies I have made myself whilst in lockdown!

Like thousands of people around the globe right now I have turned my hand to baking (well attempted too!) I love to cook but have never really done much baking and so have been experimenting with some sweet and savoury treats.

Listed below, in order of my favourite, is what I have tried so far:

  1. Scotch Eggs
  2. Sausage rolls
  3. Chocolate brownies
  4. Banana bread (who hasn’t!)
  5. Triple cheese, chive and onion savoury muffins
  6. Lemon drizzle cake
  7. Chocolate chip cookies
  8. Victoria Sponge

I’ve been using Jamie Oliver and BBC good food recipes, simple but great, although I do like to get a bit creative and throw in my own ingredients. Here are a few things that I’ve particularly enjoyed along the way:

  1. Richmond meat free sausages are amazing! I don’t eat meat, but my partner does, so the first batch of the scotch eggs and sausage rolls I made veggie and meat ones. When he tried the veggie ones he genuinely couldn’t tell the difference, so the following week I used only the meat-free sausages and they were DREAMY. I left little parcels on my friend and family’s doorsteps and didn’t tell them they were veggie at the time, no one was any the wiser! I also added chilli and mustard powder in addition to the recipe, and everyone seemed to enjoy that too.
  2. The triple cheese, chive and onion savoury muffins were not something I  would have ever thought of, Joe suggested them so I found a recipe online and gave them a whirl! I really enjoyed making these, they were so different and who doesn’t like 3 types of cheese in their muffin! A treat worth giving a go.
  3. Everyone has jumped on the banana bread hype, it’s easy, it’s fun, but what I love about it is you can make it your own! I’ve seen so many different variations of recipes, vegan, non-vegan, savoury, sweet and I would really say just go wild and have fun with it. I added chocolate, nuts and raspberries, it was delicious!

I’ve some great recipe books but my faves have to be:

  • “Veggie Lean in 15” by Joe Wicks
  • “Fresh India” by Meera Sodha
  • “Veg” by Jamie Oliver

Although I haven’t used these for any of the snacks i’ve done so far, I’m going to have flick through them next and try something a little more adventurous (ark at me getting all confident!)

In my next foodie blog I will discuss some of the meals I have been cooking in lockdown. I love to cook, my go to ingredients are chilli and garlic and I put them in pretty much everything. Cooking dinner is much more natural to me, but I am pleased with the progress I have made with my baking! Of course, the final added ingredient to any list must be my all time favourite “sprinkles of happiness!”

What have you been baking during lockdown? Who do you follow for your cooking inspiration? I’d love to hear some hints and tips from you guys and broaden by making and cooking knowledge.

Lots of love & stay safe.

Han x

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