All dressed up and nowhere to go!

What have you been wearing each day during lockdown?

We are over 9 weeks in, and I want to know if your fashion has changed over time, are you a new lockdown fashionista? Are you doing your hair and makeup every day?  Is the level of effort you are putting in the same as what it was before lockdown, or different? Are you living in your PJ’s? So many questions …

Dress: Tesco, Bag: Mulberry, Shoes: ASOS, Sunglasses: Emporio Armani

I think fashion in lockdown is different for each of us and we have all adjusted to a unique routine for this strange time. I seem to have adapted to 4 lockdown life styles:

  1. My everyday wear – I am not wearing work clothes, my day to day outfits consist of t-shirts/ hoodies/ leggings/ jeans or shorts depending on the weather. Each morning I change out of my PJ’s as it sets me up mentally and gets me prepared for the day ahead. Personally, I am loving being able to work in comfortable clothes and I know others are enjoying working in their pj’s all day or some are still getting ready for their day as if they were in the office. Working in a Barristers Chambers many of my friends are barristers or solicitors and are often appearing for court hearings virtually and are therefore still required to wear business attire, from front room to boardroom (or should I say courtroom!)
  2. Gym gear – This is my first outfit of the day; I start my day with a run or workout before showering and changing into my everyday wear and the more active I have become the more my gym wardrobe is expanding. I am experimenting with different brands & colours to find a good comfort level that also looks good.
  3. Dressy day/ date night – As I am dressing casually most days, I am also advocating the no makeup and messy bun look! I am therefore, at least once a week get a bit glammed up and putting something dressier on.
  4. My PJ’s – I LOVE wearing my PJ’s and at the end of the working day take my bra off, put them on and getting comfortable for my evening ahead!

I also mustn’t forget, I am sure we have all encountered at least once having to be zoom party ready! Dressing up for themed virtual bottomless brunches 6 months ago would have sounded crazy, but it is certainly becoming a new norm.

This simple Hawaiian look was thrown together from our wardrobes for a zoom party!

I’ve listed below some of the brands I have been wearing for my four looks during lockdown:

Everyday wear: Ted Baker, Calvin Klein, Tesco, Primark, New Look.

Gym gear: Adidas, Nike, Tesco, Brooks.

Dressy day/ date night: Ted Baker, Topshop, Tesco, River Island, DLSB, ASOS.

PJ’s: M&S, Ted Baker, Tesco, Calvin Klein.

You will notice that Tesco is a recurring theme, my mum works there and we get a good discount LOL! Plus, I really rate their PJ’s and gym wear, they also have some really nice summery dresses at the moment.

I have a fairly limited wardrobe during lockdown and own so many lovely clothes and accessories that I am missing. My gorgeous bag collection is gathering dust (I really must sort that out!)

My favourite bag brands are Mulberry & Kate Spade, although I also love high-street shops River Island and Topshop, I use ASOS all the time for perhaps one off clutches, bright colours etc at a cheap price.

I also can’t remember what it is like to wear heels?! Someone told me yesterday that the most popular tweet during lockdown was “My shoes must think I have died”, so true!

I was incredibly spoilt for my birthday in February and treated to an amazing pair of Louis Vuitton boots from my boyfriend, I’ve only been able to wear them twice! I also miss my dresses, especially now the weather is getting nicer.

My most beautiful shoes I have ever owned!

I love fashion although, I certainly don’t follow any rules or trends. That said I am really enjoying watching more fashion and celebrity video’s during lockdown and find myself doing it daily! A new guilty pleasure?

I’ve ordered a few bits during lockdown, a new bikini from River Island I will never get to wear if life carries on like this, some new dresses and a jumpsuit, but I’ve used the opportunity to have a good sort out of my wardrobe and try on all of last years summer stuff, and I love it all! Most of it I have only wore once so I am using the opportunity to save some money and make the most out of what I already have.

Will fashion trends change because of our time in lockdown? Have you got any fashion tips whilst you’re at home? What are other people doing around the world? Comment below & let’s get the discussion going!

Stay safe. Han x

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