Bloomin’ lockdown

If you’ve read my blogs on lockdown snacks, you will know that baking is a hobby I have grown to love during this strange period. I’m a sucker for trying new trends and something else that has become a real passion for me is flowers and plants (I wouldn’t quite call it gardening yet!)

I use whatever I can to display my flowers in, this is an old jar, it looks beaut!
My newest edition to my vase collection from Annabel’s in Chislehurst

Although I’ve always appreciated a beautiful garden, or lovely bunch of flowers, I can’t say it’s something I have been inspired to “do” before, which is surprising as it is a keen interest for my Mum and Nan.

Perhaps it’s since I’ve moved out and in my own home that it piqued an interest and being in lockdown as spring and summer approached, I’ve had more time to consider it. I live in an apartment, and although I am very fortunate to have a fabulous terrace, I do not have a garden, so it has been fun to discover what works indoors and outdoors in our little sun trap.

I’m sitting outside writing this now and it gives me such joy looking at my gorgeous plants, I’ve become one of those people who take pleasure in talking to their plants and watching them grow!

So, let’ start with indoors.

I’ve been buying fresh bunches of flowers each week as part of my food shop. It started with one, then two, and has crept up so much so that last week I bought five bunches! They’re only from Tesco and as I’ve mentioned before I get a discount so it’s a win win. I also haven’t been spending much money on anything else and so I have really enjoyed treating myself to lovely flowers to dot around the flat. Tesco have a large range and some really unusual and pretty ones. (I am rubbish with names, so I won’t even try!) I’ve got quite adventurous with how I display them now and am using old jars, gin bottles, perfume bottles, whatever I have in the cupboard that looks good, it really adds something special to each room. 

We’ve got a couple of herb plants which are great in our kitchen, we started with Coriander and Chives and we’re going to add Basil and Mint this week. They don’t take too much looking after and are fun to grow and then reap the rewards, adding them to your cooking.

This green flower is so unusual, it is a Celosia – a type of Cactus! The pink plant is a Tamarix which my Nan has growing in her garden!
Another two favourite vases and our Coriander plant!

Don’t ask me how, but we always manage to kill cactus’, this is what we started off with in the flat and they just never seem to survive so we have given up. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve received a couple of plants as gifts, a stunning Orchid and a Bromelia (which is apparently one of the easiest plants to look after!). They look amazing, hopefully we will manage to keep these alive and then we can get a few more and my obsession with the bunches of flowers may settle down!

Moving outside …

On the terrace we’ve spent a lot of time getting it to look how we like it. Obviously, everything is potted, so we’ve been grouping together what goes well, by colours of the plants, pots, size etc. It takes a lot of work to maintain but we’re really enjoying checking up on our little plant baby’s morning and evening, and it feels like they are about to peak with the best it’s going to look this season.

Some of the plants we have include; Cosmos atrosanguineus (also known as Chocamocha as the actually smell like chocolate), Begonia’s, Delphinium’s, Fuchsia’s, a little Olive Tree, Hosta’s and plenty more that I couldn’t tell you the names of (I must remember to save the labels!)

I read yesterday that geraniums are apparently coming back into fashion (I never realised they were out!) and are very insta worthy, which is handy as I have about 5!

We’ve got a little growing green corner too where we’ve potted sunflowers, chilli’s, aubergines and strawberries. It is so exciting to have literally seen them develop from seed.

We are now attracting the bees and even saw a butterfly yesterday which was just beautiful. We’ve got lots of solar powered fairy lights and quaint little bits and pieces and it feels like such a special place to us. We have a little rattan furniture set from Dunelm and are keeping an eye out for a bistro table and chair set. I am also desperate to get one of Aldi’s famous egg chairs, but they keep selling out!

I never thought I’d have green fingers or be a keen gardener, but after this year, who knows what is going to happen! I also never thought I’d spend my evenings baking cakes and doing puzzles so watch this space!

Have any of you guys been using your time to get more into your gardening? Whether that be in an actual garden, a terrace/ balcony or even the kitchen windowsill? I’d love to know and get some more inspo!

Happy planting!

Han x

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  1. Working with plants is so relaxing. I have an avocado obsession myself. Whenever I eat an avocado I put the seen in a glass with water and watch it grow x

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