To Travel or Not To Travel

In my last travel blog “A wanderluster that can’t wanderlust” I expressed how much I have missed travelling this year, fast forward a few weeks and my burning desire to get away is even greater.

In England we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, lockdown restrictions are easing, pubs and restaurants have re-opened and there is a feel that things are slowly returning to our “new normal”. After anxiously awaiting the travel guidelines and air-bridge information, it now looks as though we might be able to get away for summer, but the big question is what is going to have changed?  

Now that the potential for holidays this year is back on the horizon I’ve began to think about where is on my bucket list, both in the coming months and longer term.

I haven’t yet mentioned on my blog where I’ve travelled to so far, I’ve been lucky enough to see 27 beautiful countries and here is a very quick snapshot overview:

Australia – Where I kickstarted a year backpacking and hired a camervan to drive up the east coast.
Austria – I took my mum to Vienna for her 50th birthday, the most stunning architecture.
Belgium – Brussels and Bruges, the perfect christmassy weekend away!
Cambodia One of the most difficult but rewarding travel experiences.
France My first school trip was to France, I’ve also enjoyed weekend city breaks in Paris and a family holiday to the South of France, more recently I have also been skiing twice in Chamonix.
Greece – My first girls’ holiday was to Malia, but before that I visited Crete with my mum and more recently I explored the incredible Acropolis in Athens.
Hong Kong Of course I visited Disney in Hong Kong, I spent 2 weeks in HK and it has given me a desire to visit mainland china.
India – My second home, I lived here for 6 months and go back every year for at least two weeks to visit my family at Our Home Community Orphanage.
Indonesia The first place where I really fell in love with their culture.
Ireland – I’ve visited family in County Wicklow and had a girls’ weekend in Dublin!
Italy My partner has whisked me away to Rome and Venice in the last 2 years, it is stunning.
Mauritius – I won a photo competition and the prize was a trip to Mauritius, it was unbelievable!
Philippines I spent a month exploring this beautiful country and made friends that will last a lifetime.
Portugal – My most recent girly holiday and lovely chilled long weekend with gorgeous views.
Seychelles Simply stunning, unique & tourist free! I visited for a 2-week holiday last year and absolutely fell in love with the Seychelles.
Singapore – I’ve been twice and feel like I could live there! MBS is something else!
Spain – A weekend with my partner in Barcelona and also a crazy girl’s holidays to Ibiza.
Sri Lanka A beautiful, tropical, mini India.
Switzerland Only passing through Geneva for 1 night on the way to Skiing in Chamonix but I liked what I saw!
Thailand – From the jungle in northern Thailand to the full moon beach parties on the islands, this country has something for everyone!
Turkey One of my first holidays without parents when I was 17!
U.A.E One of my best friends lived in Dubai whilst working for Emirates so of course I had to visit her!
U.S.A New York is my fave place in America so far, although Las Vegas is pretty special too!
United Kingdom – I live in England and I spent a lot of summer holidays as a child in Wales as my Nan and Grandad had a holiday home there.
Vatican City Yes did you know this was a country?!
Vietnam – The one country where I never had a bad day, I travelled from North to South and stand out favourites were Hoi An, Sapa and Halong Bay.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to spend a lot of time in Asia and it seems bizarre that I haven’t spent a huge amount of time in Europe, where there are so many countries on my doorstep.

I’ve got a week booked in Santorini in September which I am keeping everything crossed for, and I am also considering a weekend in Spain in August.

There are so many questions around travel now, what is going to happen in the airports? Are we allowed to go to the toilet on the plane? When we get to our destination will everything be closed?! But I think my desire to go away is so strong I am willing to give it a go!

For the rest of this year I’ve got a weekend in Chamonix booked in December to go skiing, and we moved our India and Maldives trip from April until the end of the year so it’s nice to have that to look forward to as long as we don’t go back into lockdown!

Thinking into the future and at the top of my bucket list is also Iceland, Croatia & Japan, all completely different destinations but that’s what I love about travel and our world, how much variety there is to see and I want to experience every single part of it!

What are you guys thinking of this summer? Are you looking at staycations or venturing further afield? Has anyone actually been abroad yet since we have been able too?

Stay safe & happy travels!

Han x

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  1. Awesome post! Hopefully next month I’ll be able to go on vacation to Florida but I’m not sure. Florida is one of the states in the USA where COVID cases have risen since the re-opening. But we’ll see!

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