Luscious Lavender Picnic’s

One of my favourite dates in the calendar is visiting Castle Farm each summer for their annual lavender picnic event. I’ve been for the last 3 years and each year it gets better and better.


What is it?

Quite simply a picnic in stunning fields of Lavender that stretch as far as the eye can see. You bring your own food and drink and plot up for two hours to take in the beautiful atmosphere, scenery and aroma’s that surround you. It is a fabulous feast for the senses!

When is the best time to go?

The Lavender seems to be at it’s best throughout June and July before it is Harvested. Tickets can be pre-booked on their website and they also offer other experiences such as lavender walks if you would rather take a shorter stroll around the fields, yoga sessions, massages … its truly dreamy! We have also found that of course we want good weather, however if it is a really sunny day, photo’s seem to be better earlier on in the day as there are less shadows. Sunset time is also incredibly romantic.

What should I bring?

We have refined our trip each year that we go back. The first time we decided to get a taxi so that we could both have a drink and relax. We took two bottles of Champagne, a huge basket of food, of which very little got eaten or drunk and there was little relaxation! Our Uber got lost so we were 20 minutes late, we then spent the next 20 minutes taking photos, which meant there wasn’t long at all to eat all the food and drink the bubbles – we certainly should have driven!

The second year, we learnt from this and took 1 bottle of champagne, 1 of us drove, so we were on time, and we felt a lot more relaxed, although we still took a huge picnic with way too much food.

Last year

This year

This year I think we got it absolutely spot on. We drove again, took 1 bottle of bubbles, but instead of making a huge picnic, we stopped at our local delicatessen Joelle’s and bought some fresh pastries and cakes, along with a few strawberries which was perfect.

Apart from food and booze ( or non-alcoholic drink if you would rather!) in a cool bag/basket, don’t forget your camera or phone, it is the perfect opportunity to get some gorgeous snaps, a blanket to sit on (some people bring chairs but we prefer sitting on the floor), comfortable but cute clothing and footwear, outdoor serve wear & napkins, sun cream & sunglasses, and a rubbish bag for the end. Also, it is good to know that they do have a shaded area under a tent should you wish to keep out of the sun, or indeed the rain!

What do they offer there?

As well as being a shop on sight stocked with the most beautiful products (although this year they have been doing pop-up drive through shops due to the pandemic) there is also a stall near the picnic area where you can buy fresh/dried lavender along with several lavender products which they make there as well as lavender lemonade or ice cream to have there and then. This year we went for a bottle of Lavender gin to add to our gin bar, a lavender candle and some teabags for us and as a few gifts. All the products are such good quality.

Why Castle Farm Kent?

It is local to us, only about a 20-minute drive and we know there are so many beautiful lavender fields around the UK, but there feels something special about this place. I love following them on social media and seeing all of their amazing events throughout the year. It feels familiar and homely. We also go there in autumn to buy our pumpkins, and it is in such a gorgeous area it also a really nice place to stop for a pub lunch on the way home!

It’s a bit late now to go this year, but I would certainly put this on your list of “day-dates” for next year, whether that be with your partner, for a girly day with friends or family, or a trip with the little ones (it’s very family friendly!) it really is a picture perfect paradise not to be missed.

Lots of lavender love!

Han x

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