Travelling during COVID-19

So, as you guys will know by now from my last two blogs “A wanderluster that can’t wanderlust” and “To travel or not to travel” one of the things I have struggled most with during lock-down is not travelling. Travel is my biggest passion and if I could take 2 holidays a year, each for 6 months I would!

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To Travel or Not To Travel

In my last travel blog “A wanderluster that can’t wanderlust” I expressed how much I have missed travelling this year, fast forward a few weeks and my burning desire to get away is even greater.

In England we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, lockdown restrictions are easing, pubs and restaurants have re-opened and there is a feel that things are slowly returning to our “new normal”. After anxiously awaiting the travel guidelines and air-bridge information, it now looks as though we might be able to get away for summer, but the big question is what is going to have changed?  

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Bloomin’ lockdown

If you’ve read my blogs on lockdown snacks, you will know that baking is a hobby I have grown to love during this strange period. I’m a sucker for trying new trends and something else that has become a real passion for me is flowers and plants (I wouldn’t quite call it gardening yet!)

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The Changing Landscape of Marketing

Last week I was invited to join a panel discussion via webinar for ABC Chambers Solutions LLP discussing “The ever-changing landscape of marketing within Barristers Chambers” under the current circumstances. My partner who also works in the legal industry, was invited to speak as a panellist too on “Future-proofing business development by adapting Chambers and mindset.” The fact that we were able to prepare and help each other made the experience really enjoyable, and certainly something we would do together again as a joint venture.

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Wandering Wildlife

One of my strongest passions is animal welfare and although I’ve always loved animals, when I went travelling this became even stronger, being exposed to the good and bad treatment of animals around the world.

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All dressed up and nowhere to go!

What have you been wearing each day during lockdown?

We are over 9 weeks in, and I want to know if your fashion has changed over time, are you a new lockdown fashionista? Are you doing your hair and makeup every day?  Is the level of effort you are putting in the same as what it was before lockdown, or different? Are you living in your PJ’s? So many questions …

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Lockdown snacks!

So, as requested and following my recent insta poll, my latest post is about food, and more specifically, lovely little goodies I have made myself whilst in lockdown!

Like thousands of people around the globe right now I have turned my hand to baking (well attempted too!) I love to cook but have never really done much baking and so have been experimenting with some sweet and savoury treats.

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