Food & Drink

If there is one thing that I definitely am, it is a foodie! I love food & drink, and apart from travelling, going to a nice restaurant to eat good food and drinking quality wine is my favourite thing to do. Don’t get me wrong, I also love a friday night indian takeaway, street food & testing out my own cooking skills in the kitchen … there is not much that I don’t like! About 4 years ago I became pescatarian after spending so much time with animals whilst travelling, I decided I didn’t want to eat them any more!

I’ll be blogging about my favourite eats and hopefully giving a few good tips!

Lockdown snacks!

So, as requested and following my recent insta poll, my latest post is about food, and more specifically, lovely little goodies I have made myself whilst in lockdown!

Like thousands of people around the globe right now I have turned my hand to baking (well attempted too!) I love to cook but have never really done much baking and so have been experimenting with some sweet and savoury treats.

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