I spend my days marketing as I am a Marketing Manager of a Barristers Chambers based in central London. Marketing is one of my passions both professionally and personally, so here you’ll find all of my latest blogs and top tips on Marketing, enjoy!

The Changing Landscape of Marketing

Last week I was invited to join a panel discussion via webinar for ABC Chambers Solutions LLP discussing “The ever-changing landscape of marketing within Barristers Chambers” under the current circumstances. My partner who also works in the legal industry, was invited to speak as a panellist too on “Future-proofing business development by adapting Chambers and mindset.” The fact that we were able to prepare and help each other made the experience really enjoyable, and certainly something we would do together again as a joint venture.

How are clients coping in this brave new Covid 19 world?

Hannah Sparkes, Marketing Manager at 7BR and Keeley Lengthorn, Partner at MW Solicitors

Keeley tells us what this first week has been like from a Solicitors prospective:

Not less than 2 weeks ago we were seeing clients in our offices, dropping by to sign their statements and solicitors, barristers, professional clients and lay clients alike attending all Courts in the land for hearings. Fast forward  and everyone is (hopefully) at home using the new apps and technology (Zoom, Skype for Business, Lifesize, MS Teams, the list goes on), as well as good old fashioned mobile phones to adapt to the ever changing legal landscape.

Keeping & working well from home

My new workstation ✨

The current Covid-19 health crisis has affected us all one way or another, and for so many it now means working remotely for the foreseeable future.

For some this could be a whole new world and understandably a daunting and nerve-wracking experience. Whether this is your first time working from home or you’re a regular I’ve put together a few tips to help keep us happy, healthy and productive. I really want to reiterate that although this is challenging time, we must remain positive and do all that we can to look after ourselves and each other.

Get Set Go!

With some chambers fit to burst from their Dickensian buildings, in 2018 I considered the benefits of becoming a more contemporary classic which was published in Counsel Magazine and can viewed here.

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