My Life!

So, here is where I am going talk about my life and everything in it. My family, friends and partner make my world so special and so they will be featured quite a lot! I’m 28 years old, I work in a Barristers Chambers in central London as a Marketing Manager and live on the outskirts of Kent. As you will have seen on my other pages, Travel, volunteering, fashion, food and drink, are just some of my favourite things, and here is where you will find out everything about me!

Luscious Lavender Picnic’s

One of my favourite dates in the calendar is visiting Castle Farm each summer for their annual lavender picnic event. I’ve been for the last 3 years and each year it gets better and better.

Bloomin’ lockdown

If you’ve read my blogs on lockdown snacks, you will know that baking is a hobby I have grown to love during this strange period. I’m a sucker for trying new trends and something else that has become a real passion for me is flowers and plants (I wouldn’t quite call it gardening yet!)

A bit about me!

So, I’ve decided to start a blog discussing everything that I love and care about so I thought a good place to start would be telling you a little bit about me and my life!

My name is Hannah Sparkes. I am 28 years old; I am a marketing manager of a Barristers Chambers in central London, and my passions are travel, my friends, family & partner, food, fashion, animals, happiness and love!

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