Passions & Beliefs

I have a lot of views, on a lot of stuff and although like to share my thoughts with the people around me, I strongly believe that someone’s views should never be pushed onto another person. Whilst travelling I spent a lot of time volunteering and I also support a small community orphanage in Kerala, where I lived for 6 months and now visit at least once a year, they have become my family. Seeing the world, the good and bad bits have changed my views on everything, and I am so passionate about so much; poverty, animal welfare, mental health and well-being, and sometimes I have so many thoughts I think it will just be a good idea to put ‘pen to paper’ and get my thoughts down.

Wandering Wildlife

One of my strongest passions is animal welfare and although I’ve always loved animals, when I went travelling this became even stronger, being exposed to the good and bad treatment of animals around the world.

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