A wanderluster … that can’t wanderlust!

Right now, we find ourselves in a situation around the world that is incredibly strange, we have never experienced anything like this. We all are facing different hurdles and issues to overcome, learning to adapt to a new way of life. There are so many aspects of day to day life that have changed, itContinue reading “A wanderluster … that can’t wanderlust!”

How are clients coping in this brave new Covid 19 world?

Hannah Sparkes, Marketing Manager at 7BR and Keeley Lengthorn, Partner at MW Solicitors Keeley tells us what this first week has been like from a Solicitors prospective: Not less than 2 weeks ago we were seeing clients in our offices, dropping by to sign their statements and solicitors, barristers, professional clients and lay clients alikeContinue reading “How are clients coping in this brave new Covid 19 world?”

Keeping & working well from home

The current Covid-19 health crisis has affected us all one way or another, and for so many it now means working remotely for the foreseeable future. For some this could be a whole new world and understandably a daunting and nerve-wracking experience. Whether this is your first time working from home or you’re a regularContinue reading “Keeping & working well from home”