Travelling is my favourite thing to do. I spent 2015 travelling the world and 2017 for a further 7 months. Now I am settled in my routine at home, I book as many trips as I can throughout the year. Here you will find all of my magical journey tales.

The only way is Marbs

Following my last blog “Travelling during COVID” I thought it would be useful to do quick overview on our trip to Marbella. 

The airport was much the same as Heathrow T5, quiet, everyone in masks, sanitiser and signs everywhere, it felt safe and as though they were taking the situation very seriously.

To Travel or Not To Travel

In my last travel blog “A wanderluster that can’t wanderlust” I expressed how much I have missed travelling this year, fast forward a few weeks and my burning desire to get away is even greater.

In England we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, lockdown restrictions are easing, pubs and restaurants have re-opened and there is a feel that things are slowly returning to our “new normal”. After anxiously awaiting the travel guidelines and air-bridge information, it now looks as though we might be able to get away for summer, but the big question is what is going to have changed?  

A wanderluster … that can’t wanderlust!

Right now, we find ourselves in a situation around the world that is incredibly strange, we have never experienced anything like this. We all are facing different hurdles and issues to overcome, learning to adapt to a new way of life.

There are so many aspects of day to day life that have changed, it is a worrying time and it’s been a challenge for us all adjusting to working from home, going out just once a day, not seeing our loved ones, we have been thrown into a new lifestyle and have had to adapt overnight.

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